Tinnitus and ‘Havana Syndrome'

By Jack Paulden


I recently wrote a letter about at least some UFOs perhaps being a technical glitch in radar equipment, creating blips that were false targets, based on personal experience during my time in the Navy.

The recent term "Havana Syndrome" maybe aligned with the concern as naval aviators seem to be the most reliable source of UFO sightings. Also, recently Mitt Romney said the UFO phenomenon, based on his findings from reliable experts, suggest that no country, the USA, China, Russia or Australia could come up with technology that could create a signal that would induce a signal to create the condition Tinnitus in people's heads, especially the realization that so many navy aviation veterans may have Tinnitus.

Add to this our ambassadors and others suffering from some form of focused noise that is temporarily disabling and it does raise questions, perhaps not about aliens, but that something is unexplained.

Focused microwave or RF energy, above the audible frequency range, can cause tissue damage, and is why distance from radar units on aircraft is required. Can such focused energy perhaps cause brain damage that induces Tinnitus?

Being too close to a radar that is used on aircraft to detect "bogeys" can cause damage to sperm, but it is doubtful it induces this Tinnitus condition. However, a Professor Turner from Australia said very focused specific RF energy can cause disorientation and someone in Australia told him Vice President Dick Cheney was involved in considering the use of such technology.

Some may recall Hillary Clinton suffered an episode on a military base that caused her to collapse. He also said that at Wright Patterson AFB, there is an alien-like object that some consider has welding that energy. The guy said he was aware of electron-based welding technology that was not even close to the apparent reverse-engineered welding he saw at Wright Patterson on this "alien" object.

Who can know, but we can know if we have Tinnitus, and we need the VA to make this public and let us know if veterans have a higher incidence of Tinnitus than the general public.

I don't know if my Tinnitus is service connected, but it would be interesting to hear from those who suffer the condition if they were in the armed forces or have seen UFOs or some other situation that could cause this condition.

I cannot prove in this opinion piece as far as what others have stated, only that I believe focused RF energy during Dick Cheney's time in office, was a distinct possibility and that he should give us any details he can remember as this technology has been detected right outside the gates of the White House during President Biden's time in office.

I am not given to non-scientific "alien" suggestion, but do have Tinnitus, and although I don't consider it disabling, it does affect life as we know it. Can it be alien-in-nature, I personally doubt it, but we do need more information from people who experience anything like the "Havana Syndrome" or were possibly exposed to radar beams while in-service.