Trick or treat?

By Karen Baran


Knock, knock... Trick-or-Treat! Although we observe this occasion once a year in October, it happens to us every single day since God created man.

God treated man with everything he needed for a lifetime. All man had to do was believe, trust and receive the blessings.

But an evil being, disguised as a good person, came knocking with his bag of tricks and fooled the woman. She wasn't satisfied with what she had. She thought she had to have more.

She didn't believe what God had said.

So now we all have to decide whether we are being tricked or are we being treated.

Our politicians. Are they tricking us or treating us? Our churches. Are they treating us or tricking us?

Our "friends." Are they tricking us or treating us?

How can you tell the difference? Study the real thing, the word of God, and you will know when the counterfeit comes knocking.

Knock, knock... Trick or treat!