‘Demon-crats' know how to lie and cheat

By Fred Shick


If it weren't for acting like the Demon-crats (big babies and so childish), I would suggest the Republicans start a four-year impeachment of Joe Biden for him and his family colluding with China and Ukraine.

All the evidence is there. How the Bidens all got rich from China; yet some of you people voted for Biden. You will regret this 2020 vote when you lose the Constitutional rights such as: being allowed to pray, gathering at churches, owning guns, cars and homes -- but maybe you will find a soup line to get a little food, no medical care, etc.

May God have mercy on the children and grandchildren for what they will have to endure. How could anyone do that?

Shame on wicked witch sneaky Pelosi, she gave $80 million to Planned Parenthood (to kill babies) and when this was discovered Planned Parenthood had to give the money back.

Why is it that the Demon-crats can't remember anything when being questioned by Judicial Watch and others?

Susan Rice (former United Nations Ambassador) was asked about the Benghazi cover-up and she couldn't remember anything that was her response to each of the 13 questions. Of these 13 questions, she claimed 18 times (she does not recall).

McCabe had the same answers. Last week when being questioned by Republican committee, James Comey (head of the FBI) couldn't remember anything.

Who voted these morons into these positions? I guess if you can lie and are stupid the far left takes you.

The Justice Department and State Department are still avoiding giving Hillary's email information. She sure has a lot of people bought off.

Here is some of the voter fraud the Democrats came up with to cheat. A man in Louisiana voted three times as his dead mother. All the Demon-crat run states had problems.

I'm sure proud of Gov. Tom Wolf for making sure everything was kept honest -- my joke of the day!

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York doesn't want the COVID drug for New York State because of Trump. He will probably send the sick ones to a nursing home (like Wolf did) and kill over 5,000 more.

The people should tar and feather Cuomo and De Blasio and kick them out of our country.

God bless President Trump and support law enforcement.