Curious actions

By Charles Mander


I must confess when I saw Nancy Pelosi on Channel 4, I switched to other stations, but all the stations had her on.

I must also say I watch this channel for the weather report only, and consider all political news there propaganda.

I call it propaganda now as fake news is not strong enough I believe.

The reason she was on was to allege our president's pressuring investigation into Democrat Joe Biden's son for a foreign government in Ukraine.

The very thing VP Biden was caught doing.

This has worked time and time again for them.

Under the radar last week in the Democrat-controlled media, the house Democrats changed the old law that whistle blowers must have direct information to have credence to impeach.

Is this curious that was days before the impeachment probe began? If a person now hears hearsay that's enough now to raise charges in the Democrat house.

I remember from Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's blueprint, that the lie can be repeated often and it will be considered fact if not challenged.

This was the father of the Nazi party, a very vocal minority in 1930s Germany when the country was in depression.

In President Trump's USA, we have a booming country with black, Hispanic and all employment at an all-time high.

Is it interesting that what we hear now even on business channels in the country all have a narrative of a recession?

I hear no challenges. Some people can connect the dots, I pray to God.