Dear Democrats

By David R. Lewis


Dear Democrats, first and foremost, it is better to deal with the devil you know, as opposed to the devil you don't know.

Donald Trump is a business man, and he certainly has shown that to the world, and we are all benefiting from his experience.

Obama/Biden managed a stagnant economy at best, with a 2 percent annual GDP. They were politicians, not businessmen, and it is evident.

Dear Democrats, when Madam Hillary was running for president, the cry from Democrats was for women to "break the glass ceiling."

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is going to break some glass as well, but you don't want her because she is not a flaming radical marching at The Million Women's March screaming "women's rights are human rights," carrying a sign for LGBTQ and reproductive rights.

Judge Barrett is one of the most qualified women in America to sit on the Supreme Court, and she will represent the "framer's" ideology of the U.S. Constitution. Judge Barrett will interpret the laws narrowly as written, not a broad interpretation, and more in line with the original text and intent.

Dear Democrats, your party has destroyed any credibility the FBI had by subjecting the nation to a very costly ($45 Million) three-year conspiracy, perpetrated by the felonious Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff, including other Democratic members of Congress and high officials of the FBI to invalidate the last presidential election.

The aforementioned are turning the U.S. into a tyrannical third world nation.

Dear Democrats, if the Washington D.C. Democrats that represent you were not so vindictive and bigoted, and if they would have cooperated, even remotely with Trump, the nation would have realized more positive changes and policies.

These Democrats are self-serving, it is not you whom they represent.

Dear Democrats, what is already baked into the cake with your party is destroying the Rule of Law, allowing illegal immigration, supporting sanctuary cities, on demand abortion, disrespecting our flag, dishonoring our veterans, forcing socialized medicine, reducing funding for the military.

The Socialist Democrats (they actually call themselves that), Biden and Harris are the most anti-gun ticket that has ever ran for office, they plan to disarm you, relieve you of your wealth, and control your lives from birth to death.

Kamala Harris is recognized as the most radical member of the Senate, and she is determined to have "socialized Medicare," that will be the end of private health insurance for 180 million people.

Dear Democrats, Biden and Harris have promised to raise corporate taxes from the current 21 percent to 28 percent, that will have a very negative effect on the economy, your 401Ks, and employment.

Biden has also promised $15 per hour minimum wage, so say "Hello" to uncontrollable inflation.

The jobs and manufacturing that Donald Trump brought back across the Pacific Ocean will return to China, and will never return again.