How do you like me now?

By Fred Shick


Are the people who voted for Sleepy Joe really pleased with the job he and his cronies are doing?

He has killed thousands of jobs, flooded our country with thousands of illegal aliens, drug dealers, coyotes, murderers, child abusers and all sorts of criminals.

We don't owe these illegals anything unless they come in legally and apply for citizenship. The Demon-crats don't care about these people; they want them here to vote.

By the way, where are these Demon-crats getting all the money to feed them; pay their medical bills; cloth them; house them; transport them to the Canadian border, etc.?

What about the American people who need help?

And to think you people who voted for Biden don't realize these demons are out to destroy this great country. With a stroke of a pen, he has already gotten a lot done to put people in soup lines.

Wicked Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should be fired. She came up with a bill that anyone can mail in a vote, no ID needed, as well as prisoners can vote and no questions asked.

This sort of reminds me of the last election where fraud, cheating, corruption happened. These demons are a disgrace to our country.

Why don't they all pack their bags and leave the USA? Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord spilt ya.

These Demon-crat are blaming President Trump for everything they are doing. They blamed him for going against the Constitution but they want to get rid of it completely.

How about the gas prices after your president stopped the Keystone Pipeline? Hang on things are going to get worse with the socialists running our country.

We will find out first-hand how people in Cuba and Venezuela live. We won't have to worry right now about Russia and China because your great President Biden made them mad.

You could send laughing Kamala Harris to talk to them, I mean laugh in their face. She's a bigger joke than Biden.

Democrats are against prayer, churches, for same sex marriage, for LGBT, and killing babies (read Romans).

People better pray hard and get our USA back. God bless America.