Today is

By Sarah Bellum

Out There

Today, Oct. 10 is National Cake Decorating Day. This one is for our friend Amy Thompson Wozniak.

National Cake Decorating Day goes back to 1660 when Charles II returned from exile in France with a deep love for pastry.

He was accompanied by some of his favorite French pastry chefs. These men, who were less than inspired by rather dull-looking English almond buns, suggested they should be iced with a crust of sugar, then embellished with trinkets.

The "holiday" can be traced to the 1976 International Cake Exploration Societ (ICES) National EXPO Cake Show, based on cake decorators sharing and caring for their craft.

At their annual convention and show, held in a different U.S. location each year, members enjoy demonstrations and classes, and displays of amazing cakes and sugar art.