Stop the Democrats now

By Fred Shick


President Joe Biden met with Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago to talk about all the crime and shootings going on there. This was more of a ploy to destroy our Second Amendment rights.

This crime wave is all planned out by the Demon-crats to disarm the U.S. citizens so the Demon-crats can take control over us and we won't have arms to fight back.

Liberal judges are letting the law breakers out of jail with no bail. Your Vice-President Kamala Harris has a fund set up to bail them out of jail a true patriot.

How about Hunter Biden (a felon) lying to buy a gun and then throwing it in a dumpster. The Secret Service went to the gun dealer and confiscated all the paperwork to cover up the crime.

Why did Hunter have to pay all of lying Biden's bills while he was vice-president? Where's the justice?

Had President Trump done this, the liberal mainstream media would have been all over him. These spineless Democrats are still blaming Trump. They claim Trump caused the border crisis, took away thousands of jobs by stopping the Keystone Pipeline, started woke and cancel culture, etc.

I want to know if our local schools are teaching Critical Race Theory. CRT does nothing but stir up racial divide in our country and it all started with Barack Obama and Biden.

The only reason they are playing the race card is for votes. Obama did nothing for the black citizens. He was more worried about his people Muslims.

Could he be pulling the strings for puppet Biden? During Biden's trip to Chicago over the weekend that same day three people were killed, 19 wounded and he never mentioned crime. Did he lose his cue cards?

I see Union School District is getting $6,096,822 from the state budget. All Clarion County schools are getting funds. My question is what can this money be used for?

If this is for Union's budget why are they raising taxes with all the money they have now for the budget and also what is the $6 million surplus for.

It should be making enough interest to pay bills.

The schools are getting to be big spenders like Clarion County commissioners. One of these days (with Democrats running our country) the well is going to go dry.

It takes millions of dollars to get 30 pupils ready to graduate. Enrollment is dropping and our area is mostly on fixed incomes and welfare.