By Charles Mander


Now that we have the New World Order coming into office, if information given that can't be proven, as it is not allowed to be viewed, it is now unproven?

This applies of course to thousands of misdeeds in our presidential election that were reported and verified by election watchers and video.

They were not even allowed to view the election process. Twitter, the social media our president used to get past the lies in the main stream media has banned him. Even the ACLU has voiced an objection.

Locals are left only with The Derrick and local TV channels now. We are told the Democrat government is coming for you, along with most of President Trump's cabinet, too.

I for one will keep my head down and pray for a new New World Order.

Our U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey condemns President Trump.

Are we to believe it is a coincidence the very day the Senate was auditing our votes a breech happened in the Senate building?

The police were not on guard as the history of our Republican party, unlike ANTIFA, and the Democrats, was not violent.

ANTIFA was recorded present in the rioting when 99 percent of the Republicans were peaceful. I guess we are to accept all this as coincidence?