Don't ignore Easter

By Karen Baran


It was just a three-letter word but it made the headlines. If anyone else would have said it, it would have been ignored and swept under the rug.

Bravo to the Pope! He called out the fact that a marriage between the same sex, in God's eyes, is a sin.

According to most of the world, no one sins anymore. Most everybody does what is right in their own eyes. They want special rights. They say, I haven't done anything wrong. I want a lawyer.

But God says we are all sinners and need to be saved.

Easter is the most important event in all of human history. God sent us a savior.

His name is Jesus. He was the sinless, perfect sacrificial Lamb of God.

His sacrificial blood and love has saved us from all our sins.

But first we have to acknowledge that we are a sinner. Then believe, with all of our heart and soul, that Jesus died, was buried and was resurrected by God the Father.

That is the only thing that will save us.

That is "The Gospel" of Grace. That is Easter.

And the only sin that will send you to an eternal doom is not believing what Christ has done for you -- unbelief.

Resist the devil and his lies and he will flee from you.

Jesus ascended up to Glory and is waiting for you today. Where you spend eternity is all your choice. Don't sweep another Easter under the rug.

Don't ignore it. Tomorrow may be too late.