‘Bucktails' lives on through scholarship

By Junior Eisenhuth

President, The Bucktails of Beaver Township Club

Nearly 70 years ago, a group of sportsmen from Beaver Township, Clarion County, formed a club known as "The Bucktails of Beaver Township."

The purpose of the club was to promote conservation and assist the game and fish commission with various activities.

The club helped stock pheasants, engaged in winter game feeding, and stocked fish in local streams.

However, when certain liabilities were imposed on the game commission, our help was prohibited.

Not to be discouraged, the club raised and stocked its own pheasants and quail on public land.

Each year, the club honored the landowners with a dinner in appreciation of the opportunity to open their land for hunting.

Over the years, the club sponsored hunter safety and boating courses, supported youth field days and various other sportsmen's causes as well as the Wreaths Across America initiative.

Liability issues, age and low interest in membership has taken its toll on the club and it has chosen to dissolve.

The club has taken its remaining assets to provide a scholarship fund at Keystone High School for a graduating senior.

The student must attend an accredited school and major in related studies of conservation, fisheries or wildlife sciences.

It is our wish that this scholarship will be a tribute to our past and remaining members for their dedication and service to the love of Penn's soil, woods and waters.

In this way, "The Bucktails of Beaver Township" will live on.