‘Gospel' means good news

By Jack Paulden


We all need good news for the weekend, so here is some Gospel, or perhaps a Godspell depending on who your god is. Fantastical Magical Thinking and perhaps a salting of realism. Word I recall describing Salman Rushdie's book, "The Satanic Verses.''

Last week, a federal judge used the words "fantastical" and "total fabrication' describing the "kraken" case put forth by lawyers, in, and for the defense of earlier Trump lawyers who supported Trump's claims with legal definitions to confuse and allow 75 million Trump supporters to make up their own minds, as long as they did that with a healthy dose of no-spin propaganda from Fox and budding other Right Wing-nut media outlets by suggesting the recorded video viewed during the trial, I assume of the trial, should be made public for all to see.

Fox, in case you hadn't noticed, has successfully led you to a laundromat, sat you in front of a front-loader washer with a window in it, and told you the system is broken, and your clothes are not spinning around at all.

Should you balk at their reality, and transfer your now supposed dirty clothes to the dryer, they suggest a similar non-spin effect and if you don't believe them you will simply air your dirty laundry. Whew!

That takes years of brainwashing to do, first by Roger Ailes who sold Rupert Murdoch on it, then captured the simple-minded loud voices of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megan Kelly and others, and finally now led by (Tucker) Carson, a MAGA-phoned metaphorical louse-mouthed tobacco spewing White Nationalist who has signed on to White Russia because it's white, and supports Putin without being paid by Putin to do so.

He and Fox have accomplished this by distracting you so you never see one complete spin. Fox's No-Spin-Spin effect.

It's truly ingenious and takes the magical thinking concept to a whole new level that will be written about for decades, perhaps centuries, especially if they continue to let others work hard at saying things like "Black Holes, Flat Earth and Bow to the Don"

Again --whew!

Have we slipped the surly bonds of Earth, and danced around on sponsored slivered screens, and downward climbed, and joined the ranks of weird unusual things, then reached out and touched, "Tucker Carlson's Nose?"