It's all fake

By Matt Ochs


In answer to Byron J. Best, who asked in an Aug. 22 letter, "Is God racist" because of rules to get into heaven.

There is no God. There never was.

Oh, wait. He is perfect. All powerful but took six days to create everything instead of instantly.

Rested on the seventh day, but he's perfect. All-knowing.

But he didn't make a rule against slavery Thou shalt not own another person.

But he's perfect. Besides, that rule would not have been obeyed as the other rules have not been obeyed, but it might have saved a few headaches somewhere.

The one about Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods is just plain stupid.

Coveting neighbors' goods is what keeps the economy rolling.

Rid that one in exchange for one against slavery and you would still have 10 rues. Not nine or 11 because ten sounds official.

Ten is the basis for the decimal system and ten digits, you know, 10 fingers or toes and then there are top ten lists.

It's a marketable number used to control mindless robots.

"Whosoever does any work on the Sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death." Exodus 31;15.

So, don't get sick enough to go to the hospital on Sunday because no one will be there. It's not allowed.

Pilots, flight attendants and truck drivers all have the day off.

It is forbidden to mow your yard on Sunday, too.

If a wife is not a virgin on her wedding night, it is OK to stone her to death. If a child misbehaves, it's alright to stone them to death, too.

Those rules are in your bible.

No wonder it's called the Holy Book. It's full of holes.

The Holy Ghost did not tell the writers what to write it's all man-made.

Appropriately, the letter below Mr. Best's by "Sarah Bellum" was about the tooth fairy.

The cerebellum is the hind brain. It helps maintain balance and stores memory. Use it for this letter.