Easter: more than bunnies and eggs

By Pete Bauer


Many people, Christians included, decorate for Easter using cute little bunnies. Some tell their children that a bunny will visit their house bringing candy and small toys and will hide decorated eggs for them to find.

Often, communities hold Easter egg hunts, and children scour the premises gathering as many eggs as possible to put in their "Easter Basket."

But rather than merely collecting eggs, we should fill our Easter Basket with our faith in Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life with him that he offers us.

The Easter Bunny is a fictional character, whereas our Lord is genuine.

He died to save us from our sins and rose from the dead to save our souls for all eternity.There is nothing more certain in life than the Lord's steadfast love for us.

There is nothing wrong with hiding and finding eggs and eating candy (and deviled eggs!) on Easter.

Just remember what and whom we are celebrating. Thank Jesus for dying on the cross to grant us eternal life and his gift of another day in his service.

Our eggs (faith) should be celebrated every day, not just on Easter Sunday.