Losing liberty

By Rick Webb

Cranberry RD

Why are we, as supposedly "free Americans," so willing to give up our liberties to a government or anyone in any capacity of authority? We are more and more adapting the attitude that "Big Brother" can take care of us without any question or concern.

This current pandemic, whether orchestrated by the government or not, can and is being used to convince the public (subtly of course, so we won't even know it) that the only way to resolve it is to turn more control over to government, the very thing they have been striving for forever.

This is what I mean when I say we are being brain-washed, sublimely and slowly, for years until we don't see what we've lost until it is too late. They are corralling us folks, wake up!

The coronavirus is nothing to take lightly because of how it attacks. At first, not seemingly too severe, but the next round can be deadly. That's the way it was designed. Conspiracy theories aside, we now have to deal with it.

And how are we doing that? Not by free market and people who really know, or even commonsense, if that's to be found anywhere any more.

No. We turn on the TV, Internet, iPhone, etc. and listen to the president, the governors, the senators, and all these public people who have been telling us forever that they can fix anything because they know what is best for us.

Thank you very much honorable King George (do you remember our separation from the British?).

Can you believe it? Telling us where we can and can't go, limiting even our domestic travel. Limiting our meetings, even as family members, to no more than 10 people.

Closing schools and universities well I'll have to give them that one because they already have control of them. But to tell a private business what they can and can't do?

Hey! A little commonsense goes a long way, or don't they impress that on young people anymore?

Well the CDC and the WHO has it under control, right? My opinion is that I think the WHO would be better left known as an acronym for the great 1970's rock group. What does that tell ya about what I think of the world health organization?

No. It sounds to me like this country is a dictatorship, not a republic. We seem to be so willing to just turn our lives over at a whim to the state and federal government.

Be careful folks. I think the gate is about to close on the corral.

I want to leave with two quotes; first, Benjamin Franklin, 1775, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Second -- from Gen. Jerry Boykin: The Six Steps to the Beginning of Marxism:

Nationalize major sections of industry. Bail-outs or some form of control (i.e. auto industry)

Redistribution of wealth. (i.e. Obama Care) or some form of National Health Care

Discrediting the opposition. Christians/Christian groups-Right wing groups or conservatives-Veterans and Veteran groups

To censor things. The media (most major medias are already leftist), Pastors (the Hate Crime Law is designed to keep Pastors from speaking against what is wrong) the Act 501-c3, made up in 1954 by L.B. Johnson to prevent pastors and churches from speaking on politics. (by the way, that is where this country got its information on how to live and vote in a moral sense from the start of the country).

Control gun ownership. To have government/military arms only. (Can you trust them? No!) The United Nations is having more and more control. (Can you trust them? No!)

Control the population. Gathering information on people/groups. (Fusion Centers monitor everyday people)-RFID Chips-cell phones-computers-black boxes in cars/trucks, etc.

I don't deny the threat of this virus, but we need to understand the great opportunity the government has to grab control of us in major areas.

We've sent the majority of our manufacturing to the rest of the world, wanting to be friends with them and be like them.

Now look at the condition we have put ourselves in by no import or export, no international travel, strangling even further our business opportunities, stifling the country.

We've cut our own throats and have no one else to blame.

I remember our first President, George Washington, having something to say about getting entangled in foreign affairs and having dealings with the rest of the world in his farewell speech.

But hey, we don't teach true history in our schools anymore do we?