The thief

By Rick Webb

Cranberry RD

Does anyone remember the "Blue Laws?" There are only a few left in this country and within the states. Maybe a lot of the "laws" were beyond anything that would help someone, but the reason for them was to help guide people in this country to be observant of God and his principles.

My point is not the "Blue Laws," even though I think some should be observed, but how and why we have gotten so far away from them and things that would keep us from God and his teachings.

There is a God and he is not dead, and there is a thing called absolute truth.

If not, then there is no such thing as right and wrong, good or bad; and how does a person know boundaries? It's all relative, right? Where do we get any moral standard? Do we just make things up? If there is no standard, then it only stands to reason there cannot be any penalty for breaking that standard. Absurd!

There is a moral, absolute truth, and there is a living, holy God.

There is also a deceiver, a thief among us and his name is Satan. He is a living evil, fallen angel, and even though his time is limited, he is very active, trying to take down all he can, while he can.

This country was founded on the principles of the one, living God, and our country has done very well for over 200 years precisely because of that.

The framers of our country and the early leaders knew that people would tend to be misled and even forget, so they did all they could to keep this country on the path of righteousness, which, by the way, doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

The "Blue Laws" helped remind people of God, and to at least take a day to rest, which God knew we needed to "get recharged," but now even hunting on Sunday is up for grabs busy-busy-busy, always busy and no time for the things of God or things that are really important, like our spiritual wellness.

Busyness is one of Satin's greatest tricks; to keep us so entertained in the things we think are important or fun that we don't ever consider God.

God will not honor and bless a person or a country that doesn't take time to obey and honor him not forever. It is only because of his mercy and love for us that he is withholding his wrath, giving time that all might be reconciled to Him so that we can have power over sin, peace and contentment to our souls, and to spare us from eternal death.

How did we get a point, where we consider Sunday just another day? It didn't happen overnight, and that is what I want to emphasize.

Think about it. An alcoholic didn't just wake up one morning and think; you know, I'm going to be an alcoholic. It happened slowly and subliminally.

The same is true for anything that we didn't mean to happen, or to be the way we've become. It took time, starting small and pulling us farther and farther from what we know is good or right.

But how could this be if we know the end results? The great Thief, that's how. One way he does it is to keep us busy, stealing our time, spending it on babble, things that don't really matter and promising things that never turn out as we expect.

You see, if there is no one, or nothing to guide us to do good and right, then it's a free-for-all, and everyone thinks they can do as they please with no accountability.

Again, absurd!

So God must be alive and his Word, the Bible, must be relevant.

The trouble is the Thief, the great deceiver, Satan, is fooling a lot of people, wanting to take them down with him when he goes, which was never God's intent for us.

Joseph Goebbels was the propaganda minister for Adolf Hitler, and he said; "If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. It becomes vitally important for the state to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

You see, without absolute truth, a person and a country will fail and fall.

Satan knows this and uses this tactic. When we don't know, or worse yet, ignore the truth, we are bound to fail, fall, and be controlled and ruled by an evil that is not for our good.

The direct approach rarely works, as Vladimir Lenin and others with Marxist ideas have found out, because people have been too rooted in their patriotism and their faith.

But little by little we are chipping away at what we know deep down is right, and when you take God and his principles out of the culture, not teaching his truths to each succeeding generation, you end up with knee-jerk laws and a society that turns control over to the government and professional politicians.

All they think they need to do is pass a law and it will solve the problem. Look at Sen. Art Haywood and Vincent Hughes for example, with Senate bill 1029, wanting to make it illegal to have a loaded firearm in a vehicle, so no one will be killed because of road rage.

Yah, right, that will end road rage for sure and no one else will die. But hey, as they contend, if it saves one life, wouldn't it be worth it?

No. The loaded gun didn't do the killing, the person did. We haven't addressed the right issue. Don't be deceived!

But to say that these are knee-jerk reactions is incorrect. Remember I said there is a deceiver, a liar among us. This self-serving, live as you please, governmentcontrol, we don't need God, attitude has been ingrained in us for generations now.

We are moving away, farther and farther, from God and his absolute moral truth, without which, no one can have a stable foundation, let alone a country.

It has taken generations, but it has happened. Look at everything from the higher learning institutions to daycare. The teaching of God's truths are virtually non-existent.

The God-designed, normal life, family, and marriage are being destroyed and each succeeding generation becomes more bewildered, and have lost sense of direction; and why? It's easy to figure out folks.

It is because America is being robbed of the truth it needs; a moral code; without which we are left to our own desires, to live in sin and think it is OK, each person deciding what is right.

Even of some that have heard the truth of God and claim to know it, not many live it out to set an example for others, especially for the youth. They give in to self-serving things, compromising what they know to be right, and then become more deceived.

There is a great thief among us, and until we get serious, turn back and reclaim what God has ordained and stand against things like "Political Correctness" and this so-called "tolerance agenda" and other lures of the world, that keep us "feeling" like we've done good, we will become more deceived and doomed for failure.