Come on, man

By Fred Shick


This puppet you people voted into office is destroying our great country with each stroke of his pen. Joe Biden hates Donald Trump so bad, he is signing executive orders to do away with everything Trump did to help the American people.

He has no idea what he is doing. Also, do you voters know that every press meeting Biden goes over the questions ahead of time so he can pick out the easy ones and he has time to come up with his answers?

Do you people think the election was legal? Judicial Watch found millions of ghost voters in 29 states and thus warns of "dirty elections." Pennsylvania was one of the worst. Thank you, Tom Wolf.

Judicial Watch received 243 pages of records that show Barack Obama's administration scanning the election sites in Georgia, Alaska, Oregon, Kentucky and West Virginia in 2016.

Obama was very much into wiretapping and trying to make President Trump lose the election. Obama and others started dividing our country.

If you can get the DVD called "Obamagate" and watch it, you will see what Obama was really like and how he was out to divide our country.

Judicial Watch found Strzok-Page emails that show their direct involvement in the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI's investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Muriel Bowser, mayor of District of Columbia, D.C., shutdown a major street near the White House to have a political statement for Black Lives Matter and defund the police agenda.

Now, when Pelosi and Chucky Schumer are done with their unconstitutional, illegal impeachment of citizen Trump, let's get a legal trial on Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Booker, and Waters for treason.

Next, start a trial on Joe Biden and family, Swalwell and Kerry. These people are owned by China.

How many secrets were given to China by the Bidens and Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese agent? His job should be over but Pelosi saw nothing wrong.

Also while Trump was president why did Kerry make so many trips to Iran? You voters sure know how to pick them. God bless America.