Take a bullet for democracy?

By Jack Paulden


The bullet is not the kind you or your children face when they go to traditional war, i.e. Vietnam War, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Nor of lesstraditional warthat the front-line fighters and those that are dying or being injured by are facing now, the Mother of all Wars, the World War III Covid-19 war.

This bullet will cause pain to your ego, your pride and challenge your strength and endurance.

It is the bullet of voting with your named emblazoned next to your vote.

A sample: "I Jack Paulden vote not for Trump."

You can place my vote in the town, township, borough or courthouse, halls, and walls. On mall bulletin boards, wherever it can be seen and counted as my vote, regardless if my employer, my friends, family, enemies, or any want to challenge me on my vote.

It is my vote, and as President Trump wants accountability, you can count mine, Sir, my name is next to it and I stand by it.

No more secret ballots. If you are brave enough to risk you or your children's lives to go to wars, then be brave enough to put your name by your vote, and let it be seen to be counted.

Take a bullet for democracy and end the hate that has engulfed our great country, the United States of America.

Will the Land of the Free and the Brave, now take a bullet for democracy?Who can know?