Where's the justice?

By Fred Shick


Has the main stream media swept the Andrew Cuomo charges under the rug? Nothing is being said anymore about his killing thousands of people and the claims of sexual assaults on women.

How about Adam Schiff lying under oath about President Donald Trump's collusion with Russia, Hunter Biden's lying on the form to get a gun (he is a felon he should get jail time), Hillary Clinton's lying about Bengazi, her private emails, Al Sharpton owing $45 million back taxes and the list goes on and on.

How about big mouth Maxine Waters inciting riots. She said Black Lives Matter should do more, get in the face of conservatives.

She said in one of her speeches; she would take out President Trump and when Anthony Fauci and Jim Jordan were arguing over COVID-19, she told Jordan to shut up. What a classy woman. She should be in jail.

What about Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese agent? He and the whole Biden family should be in jail for treason.

The riots should be stopped now, these are not protests.

Waters is in Minneapolis, Minn. telling the rioters to be more confrontational.

If the police would use more live ammo it would send a message to the rioters. If the cops don't soon get control and the states don't get rid of the Demon-crat governors and mayors, our country is doomed. Do you want these thugs controlling our country and policing it?

How about Tiger Wood's wrecking after speeding and there will be no charges?

CNN got caught lying about Trump's health to stop his election and they lied about there being more COVID-19 deaths than there actually were. This was stated by CNN's Charlie Chester.

The American people have had a gut full of racism, white supremacists, BLM and the left always playing the race card.

This racial divide was all started by Barack Obama and Biden to get power so the Democrats could control our country. Thanks to Biden and Harris they have our great country in one big mess.

If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have it their way, there will never be another election. Everyone should stop watching CNN, NBC, MSNBC and boycott Coke, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and all the big tech companies destroying the USA.

Biden gave millions of tax payer's money to the lab in China that started COVID-19 way to go Joe.