Same mistake -- again

By Ron Amsler

St. Petersburg

To those people who might be dealing with the Health Eligibility Center's VA income verification office in Atlanta, Ga., it appears some of the caseworkers are making mistakes, as usual.

Upon sending my 1099s for my mutual funds, I was told I was over the income eligibility level.

They added up the purchase and selling prices and called it income something most junior high students would know is wrong.

It is clearly marked on the 1099. As we all know, income is profit or loss, not purchase plus sale price.

Upon calling the Atlanta office, I was allowed to talk to my caseworker. She assured me she knew her job.

I pointed out she was wrong and why she was wrong. She then agreed, making me eligible again.

I have gone through these problems since 2013. Same mistake in Atlanta year after year.

I don't understand why they do this. It is irritating and inexcusable on the part of the VA.

To those who have to deal with those people don't get discouraged.