Should we be afraid of Hell?

By Mary Radaker

Clarview Nursing and Rehabilitation, Sligo

God created us to worship him. Hell was created by God for the devil and the devil's angels as an instrument of separation, punishment and total destruction.

It is a bottomless pit of outer darkness and everlasting fire.

Many people will accompany the devil and his angels there and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. (Matthew 25:41-46 and Revelation 20:10)

God loves you so much his son Jesus Christ was crucified for your sins and arose from the grave so you may have everlasting life being with him where he is.

Jesus is not a one-time prayer and we have to ask him to forgive us of our sins.

He requires a totally surrendered way of life so we can be part of his family; it's his ways and his teachings we must live out.

Surely you can see you should be terrified of this place which is called Hell.