Biden will deliver socialism

By Dorothy Knight Burchett

New Castle

Formerly of Knox

In 2008, Barack Obama promised that, if he was elected president, he would "fundamentally change America."

He made a large inroad into making America a socialist country.

If Hillary Clinton had become our President in 2016, it would have become a reality.

If Joe Biden is elected president in 2020, with the help of Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and "The Squad," the vision will be complete.

Already our government leaders and the complicit media are practicing socialism by:

Limiting our right to freely assemble, according to the U.S. Constitution.

Limiting our right to freely exercise our religion.

Mandating that we wear masks in certain places.

Restricting our freedom of movement/travel.

Curtailing free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution through censorship by Google and Facebook.

As a result of taking the responsibility of health care out of the hands of individuals and putting it in the hands of government, leaders have spread panic and fear among citizens.

People have lost their jobs; others have locked themselves in their houses and some have committed suicide out of despair.

Let's vote the Democrats/Socialists out of office and restore sanity to our Constitutional government.