Missing the music

By Bonnie Mahle


I was driving down Main Street in Clarion early New Year's Day morning. Being the only car on the road, I drove at a snail's pace. A great time for reminiscing.

As a new year begins, my mind wonders back to "the good old days."

The hustle and bustle of small town shopping. Stores and streets lit up in lights for the celebration of the festivities.

The snow and the fresh smell of the air, along with other scents coming from the businesses, add to the enjoyment.

What was missing, and what I remember from childhood, was the music. It was such an added pleasure to the season.

I've asked this question before but have yet to get an answer.

Why do the speakers that remain on Main Street poles remain silent?

Many changes are being made in our town. Why not bring back some warm wonderful memories of music in 2020?