Which awoman is witch?

By Jack Paulden


"Our Father who art in heaven" skip a few, skip a few, then, "lead us not into Temptation" Wait. What?

Why does our God want to lead us into temptation in the first place? This question is almost as serious as Mrs. Fye's question when; at the end of her recent opinion piece "Pray for our freedoms" she asks: "P.S. I need your help. The other day as I watched and listened to the House of Representatives there was a closing prayer. As the man finished he said, ‘Amen' but then he said, ‘Awoman.' Now dear liberals I know that Amen means ‘so be it' but what in the world is ‘Awoman?' Just asking."

Dear Mrs. Fye, I wonder, as I am not a dear liberal, may I attempt as an independent to answer you. If so, then just to put the record straight, Amen can also mean "truth" for Jews, and the word Gospel means "Good News" and has never meant to be read as Truth.

Gospel is used thus perhaps, "Good news! Good news! God incarnate has arrived, a star leads us to him, he is in a manger, and the cattle are lowing. Good news, good news!"

Just like "good luck" in Christian means we expect you to have good luck in the future, but for Jews, it is said as Mazel Tov, you've had good luck,so as not to prophesy which would be like telling G-d his will, which we all know is taboo, right?

Just to be clear, don't wish people good luck, instead wish them happiness they've had good luck.

I do know my dad would say Aman at the end of prayer. Not Amen or Amein, as in Chow Mein to understand the pronunciation. I had the pleasure of attending a Temple with Awoman(sic) rabbi. Yet, as liberal as she was based on my blood type, beyond her acceptance of me, not all appreciated my presence.

I guess I asked too many uncomfortable questions. In fact, the more Orthodox males would sit in a group of up to a dozen or so on my right rear side and cluck when I spoke.

The reason I say that, as being a half-breed, 53 percent Jewish blood from my dads' side, and the rest from Scotland, Cornwalland other Celtic abodes, I do tend to be the odd man out so to speak when religion and wording is in the air.

However, could that preacher have meant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as the A in Awoman is there?

However, I will pray for her freedom too, just to keep the Constitution part where it says, "lead us not into temptation" oh, sorry, "freedom of religion"

Will it work when a half-breed prays and uses the only words he was taught to use are "Thy Will Be Done!' because anything after that is his will, not God's?

Will my prayer hold any water, who can know?

Am I even allowed to say a prayer other than the one that says, "lead us not into temptation" or you might end up following God to the left, which is what your preacher may have meant?

In other words, if a bird has only a right or left wing, can it fly? But maybe God wants us to learn to fly with a broken wing.