The Don

By Jack Paulden


Tis the morning of the dawn of Aquarius nah!This is not some pipedream Utopian supposedly civil rights movement inspired by a guy with a "doctor" title handing out blotter acid.

This is the end result of a "Don" brainwashing, and what a brainwashing it has been.

Try letting your grandkids read that and see if they grasp the intent. It would be like telling them we once had TVs you could not hang on the wall, and if you had one in each room, and add in all the computers and smart-phones we are now using while charging them up, you would be running into the basement to replace fuses.

Fuses, kids, were one-time use, threaded, round things you screwed into a box full of electricity to get power back when they blew because you sister was using a curling iron while Mom was making bacon and egg breakfasts with oatmeal on the side, with a third electric burner for heating percolating coffee pots which didn't get "plugged in" until 1972, thank you Mr. Coffee and Joe DiMaggio.

The TVs, by the way, shot electrons from an electron gun whose trigger end, usually stuck out the back of the TV (enclosed in plastic to protect you and it).

The longer the neck of the picture tube, the more the bullets accelerated, because the screen was the attractive part of the equation.

TVs also created X-rays, much more in fact from color TVs than black and white TV's, and parents told their kids to not sit too close to the TVs after the 1968 Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act was enacted.

The show your dad watched at night on the color TV was perhaps the "Untouchables."This was a show about FBI agents in Chicago trying to bring down a mobster (a bad guy who stole things and murdered people but demanded respect from the store owners and others), the leader being the "Don."

After a week of looting, the "Don" went to church weekly to be forgiven -- usually three Hail Marys and you were good to go -- according to George Carlin, oh, and 10 percent of the loot to aid the church and the poor, as I recall.

The king of mobsters was Al Capone who ran illegal alcohol sales and had hundreds of men working for him, a literal army armed with machine guns which, if you crossed him, or "dissed" him in modern lingo, would shoot you while you were eating your dinner in a restaurant.

Restaurant attacks meant the shooters were protected because the victims were busy shoveling food in their mouths, not reaching for weapons during the surprise attacks.

The "Untouchables" you might assume were Capone and his men, as they seemed to be able to commit crime and get away with it, until a brave FBI agent in charge, Elliot Ness, with the brave men he picked, became the new sheriff in town where the police had been corrupted by payoffs, etc.

The name "Untouchables" was given to Ness and his men were not susceptible to bribes and corruption. That's why Ness and his guys were able to rid Chicago of the mobster scourge.

Fast forward to today, and Al Capone is President of the United States.He "dissed" the head of the FBI, Mr. Jim Comey, (our modern-day Elliot Ness) in the Oval Office, in front of his new mafia mob, the Russians.

Yet, no one seemed to mind, as Fox had convinced people, by telling them to tune into only their propaganda, that the government is bad, except for the Leader of the Government, The Don of the Mob, and about half of Congress who supported the Don much like the Nazis did Hitler.

Hitler could destroy Germany and those who supported him, never said "stop."

Well, a few did try to blow him up, but the failed attempts only added to his Messianic stature, as the Don's does now, until this weekend, when President Trump ended up "Putin" his foot in his mouth, and as U.S. Sen. Adam Schiff back in February 2020 with foresight, and who was marginalized by Fox said, "We must say enough - enough! He has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again."

Schiff, D-Calif., told the Senate, "He has compromised our elections, and he will do so again. You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What's right matters even less, and decency matters not at all. You are decent. He is not who you are."

Schiff, a Jew, provides the message to the misled Christians, but they hear it not, until now perhaps.

Can they recover from the brainwashing by Fox et al.?It is unknown as these Christians who are considered white supremacists assume the Jewish God, they say was the only son of God, who apparently only likes those with Northern European ancestral ties, at least in their belief.