Who divides who?

By Edie Quinn


It always amazes me when you hear Democrats talk about Jan. 6. The only person killed was Ashli Babbitt and who was standing next to her (John Sullivan) egging it on? Why do we not know the name of the officer who killed her?

Oh the double standards.

Why do Democrats turn a blind eye to the more than 250 riots that have been going on in the country? How many officers have been injured? Two thousand that's how many. There have also been many ambushed and shot.

Who eggs these people on? Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. It's not Republicans running around demanding to defund the police and get in people's faces.

Don't tell me about conspiracy theories when "Time" magazine did an article about the elite cabal. Democrats are being run by the big corporations they claim to hate. That's a fact.

Go to "Open Secrets" and you can see where they donate.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson's vote helped divide us? Take a look at the Democrat congress votes. No Democrat in Congress dare vote against Nancy Pelosi. Also, Nancy Pelosi is one of the ones in charge of capital police. (Politifact)

If you support defunding the police, abortion, packing the courts, abolishing the Electoral College, drugs, human trafficking, race-baiting, riots, looting, attacking police, high taxes, paying for all the illegal immigrants, pedophilia, and fascism, then the Democratic Party is the right place for you.

Prove me wrong.