Word of the Week 042921

Muhammad Ali

Greetings Word of the Week fans and welcome to the April 29 edition of Clarion County's favorite word game.

It was on this date in 1967 that after refusing induction into the United States Army the previous day, Muhammad Ali is stripped of his boxing title.

Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., born Jan. 17, 1942, was an American professional boxer, activist, entertainer and philanthropist.

Nicknamed "The Greatest," he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sporting figures of the 20th century, frequently ranked as the best heavyweight boxer and greatest athlete of the century.

Ali always had something to say about everything but we don't remember him ever using the word sockdolager.

It's a noun of 19th Century English.

Does sockdolager mean:

A: A flunky, or "go-fer" person. "I'll make Joe Frazier my sockdolager," said Ali. "I'll have him fetching my slippers after this fight."

B: A forceful blow. "I'll lay a sockdolager upside George Foreman's head that will knock him into next Tuesday," said Ali before the Rumble in the Jungle.

C: A person of questionable business practices. "That Don King better not be a sockdolager," said Ali before his bout with Leon Spinks. "I better get my million dollars for knocking out Leon."

D: A lucky person. "They say I'm a sockdolager because I knocked out Sonny Liston," said Cassius. "I'm no sockdolager I'm the greatest."

Outside the ring, Ali attained success as a musician, where he received two Grammy nominations. He also featured as an actor and writer, releasing two autobiographies.

Ali retired from boxing in 1981 and focused on religion, philanthropinism and activism. In 1984, he made public his diagnosis of Parkinson's Syndrome, which some reports attribute to boxing-related injuries, though he and his specialist physicians disputed this.

He remained an active public figure globally, but in his later years made fewer public appearances as his condition worsened, and he was cared for by his family. Ali died on June 3, 2016.

The correct answer to the Word of the Week challenge is "B."