The truth about the pandemic

By William R. Strong

Oil City

What is the truth about the pandemic? The Democrats and media are lying about it for political purposes.

Here is the truth. Figures taken from CDC.

One: Trump as requiredby the U.S. Constitution properly delegated the handling of the virus to the states. The states determined the restrictions, prevention, and treatment.

Trump legally and factually did not handle the virus. He helped by supplying technology, medical assistance, research into cures, and medical supplies.

Two: Some states did very poorly and others did adequately. A comparison of Republican (red) and Democratic (blue) states of equal population shows there were twice as many deaths in Democratic states as Republican states.

The majority of blame is on Democratic governors who used statewide lock downs and unequal treatment of people and businesses.

Three: John Hopkins University maintains a worldwide compilation of 134 countries to compare the death rate of this virus. It does so on a 100,000 basis of population so you can compare large population nations to small ones.

The U.S. is 33rd-highest even though we have the third-largest population. Compared to the 10 highest population nations, the U.S. has the second-lowest mortality rate.

Four: The CDC total number of deaths in the U.S. as of Oct. 7 was 210,232. A month ago, the CDC issued a report stating it can't determine with medical certainty that most of these deaths were from COVID virus.

The CDC could only state with certainty that 6 percent of this death toll was accurate because 94 percent of cases listed multiple causes of death.

Only 12,613 have died in U.S. from COVID as of Oct. 7.

The mainstream media refused to publish this report.

Five: The U.S. population is 329 million. Using the higher figure in point number four still shows only .06 percent (6/100th of 1 percent) died from the virus -- 99.94 percent of our population has not died from the virus and were safe.

Talk about overhyping a situation to create fear for political purposes.

Blaming Trump for mishandling this virus and for being responsible for 210,232 deaths is false and absurd. The truth will set you free.