Speech requires God particle

By Jack Paulden


Mrs. Kathleen Fye sure is a passionate Christian. In reading her opinion "The Buck Stops Here" in the April 8 Clarion News, I had a chuckle when I read "This country was founded on Judo and Christian principles..."

The typo either by Mrs. Fye or a rare error by the illustrious editor, Rodney Sherman, allowed me to look at what Judeo-Christian means, rather than simply critique her claims.

So let us look at thosefighting words, of Judo Christianity.

The joint venture of Judaism and Christianity or Judeo-Christian was not known back in the day of Slaver Thomas Jefferson.It was about 1830 or so theterm Judeo-Christians meant Jews who converted to Christianity.

Later it meant the ties between Jews and Christians biblically. The first three Abrahamic faiths, Christian, Muslim and Hebrews or Jews, are allpart and parcelof the complete Christian Bible.Adam And Eve, assumedly the first Jews perhaps.Hagar, the first Muslim, and Jesus the Judeo Rabbi who it wasdeterminedby Christians, is the son of Abraham's God.It must have been quite a switch for Jesus, going from Jewish teacher, hence the term rabbi, to a Christian teacher, with a now larger Christian following.

It took him a time though, as at first, he said, "I am only here for the lost sheep of Israel." Yet we can assume even God's son can mature, and he decided to save the heathens, and Judeo-Christianity was born, even if not affirmed until the 1800s it seems.

"Heathens" is not a pejorative term. It simply means people who follow no single god, but worship many things, including the sun, moon, white cows, money, Donald Trump,etc.

However, we must now welcome more to the flock of the Abrahamic faiths, those being theDruze, and Baha'i faiths.If you accept Abraham as the man who made a deal with God in the desert to remove part of his body for real estate, then your faith has Abrahamic ties!

The above-mentioned and historically adored Mr. Jefferson did not assume black people were born equal, but more like cattle to be fed, watered, and used, but in a Christian way. Onlyflogthem when they moo back at you.

In fact, it was not until the 20thCentury when Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT,perhaps best described as the "Einstein of Linguistics'" had proven that if you use human speech, you are a human, regardless of skin color.

Many of the behavioral psychologists, and others, back in those darker times, were bent on proving human speech could even be learned by a chimpanzee and the famous "NimChimpsky" (a pun of Professor Noam Chomsky's name) experiment that lasted five years was created.

Eventually Nim said a 16-word long sentence --"Give orange megive eat orange me give eat orange give me orange give me you."However, the five-year experiment ended when a researcher was bitten in the face by Nim.

Yet, the attempt had merit as chimpanzees have similar DNA to humans.

However, the real difference Professor Chomsky quickly pointed out is that all humans, yes even the darkest skinned one, have a pattern in the brain that allows human speech, of all flavors from English, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Aborigine, African, Hindi, Urdu etc. Even Fox News hyperbolic propaganda crap speech. And that any speech used by millions can only be uttered if you are human.

So, no matter how hard even racist scientists tried, human speech proves god made all men equal, but many men,let'suse the recent actions by some states today, still want to believe some skin color has superior qualities that God did not intend, and the long-hidden racism in the Republican party, like a hidden zit, is now fully glowing and oozing on the end of their tongues.

The zit appears every time people like Tucker Carlson, Mitch McConnell and others speak, it is quite revealing.

So, the Judo Christians of today, those that want to fight half of us, by name calling, storming the U.S.Capitoland murdering even our capitol police, and being held as innocent by the Tucker Carlsons of the world, will now have to face their maker so to speak.

If God wanted Tucker Carlson to be right, he would have had him walk quietly and carry a big stick, rather than spread hate like a child who just had a temper tantrum, dirt in his pants and is sitting on the kitchen floor as his mess oozes out of his dark soul.

Yes, there is a darkness that is truly not of the Judeo-Christian God, it is the darkness of racist souls, who for some reason think they haveseen the light, but their foul mouths and dirty diapers prove otherwise, is my opinion.

Who could know?

Oh wait, Oh, I know thanks to Professor Noam Chomsky and the now famouschimp, Nim Chimpsky.

In my opinion, whichunlike Tucker Carlson's is not the loudest megaphone in the room, is that speech of humans requires a god-particle in the brain, and it should be cherished, not abused, as Fox has done to divide this once Judeo-Christian Country, and turn it into a Judo Christian fighting Country, hell bent on "Putin" us at odds against each other.

Again, who could know? Oh, wait, the Big Orange knows, he had his chumps storm the Capitol, ready to bite your face off man... and even lovely women,perhaps likethe passionate Christian who I tip my hat to, Mrs. Kathleen Fye.

So please take care Mrs. Fye. "The Buck Stops Here" indeed, and let us cherish the God particle given all of us, even those who are outspoken with good intent. Aman.