Positive influences

By Larry Whiteman


In this time of troublesome worry, I would like to thank the great people of North Clarion School District (administration, teachers, guidance counselor, coaches, etc.)

Because of your dedication, compassion and caring loyalty to your community and students, you once again have proven your perseverance works in a positive way.

You have been able to instill that into your young adults as they enter the real world on their own.

My wife and I worried about our granddaughter Fayth's (Faythlynn Vanek) future since the loss of her mother in 2009. Fayth came to live with us and she graduated from North Clarion. Recently, she achieved being named to the president's list at Youngstown State University.

I am pleased to say. I am not worried anymore. I hope North Clarion is proud of the fruits of its labor and Faythlynns.