Saying goodbye

The author with 507

Saying goodbye

I never wanted the day to come where I would have to say goodbye to the animal I loved the most. In one of my previous articles, I wrote about a special cow; good old 507. The best cow someone could ever come to know.

The day which is going to be a date that will always stay with me is March 4. I got a call from my boss early morning as I was getting ready for school and the tone of his voice was one I had never heard before.

It was the call I never wanted to ever have to hear. The next words which came out of his mouth were the words that shattered my heart.

My baby was very sick and she could not get pregnant again. He told me they had to sell her and from that moment on I could not stop crying.

When I told my mom what happened, she told me to go see her one last time and it was OK to be late for school. I called my brother knowing he had gone through this himself and he came along with me.

When I got to the farm, I walked in and talked to my boss for a second before going out to the pen to see my girl. I knew from the second I walked into the pen she was not herself.

Usually she would turn her head to look at me or show some form of acknowledgment of my presence. She was just lying there with her head down.

When I walked over to her, she recognized me but it was almost as if she could not look at me; as if I was mad at her.

Eventually, she did stand up for a few minutes and gave me a few last hugs before I left.

One hug in particular was when I was leaning against her shoulder and she was very forcefully rubbing her head against me from my shoulder blades down to the back of my knees. She was telling me it was going to be OK and she loved me and she was going to be OK.

I told her I would always love her and no cow would ever replace her. It is weird going through the grieving process over a cow but when something means that much to me, I guess it just kind of happens.

This is by far one of the hardest losses I have ever had to go through because I am old enough to understand what loss truly is. This one is really painful; I loved her with everything I had.

This cow was the reason I went to work sometimes because I knew she would make me feel better. I am pretty positive work will be filled with tears for a while once I go back. This is the hardest goodbye I have ever said.

But I will promise you one thing. I will always love that cow no matter how ridiculous people think it is. She was my girl. This article is dedicated to the life of my favorite and best cow 507.

The author is a senior at Keystone High School.