Goodbye to another Clarion store

By Crystal Gifford


I wanted to show my respect to yet another Clarion store that will have to close its doors in our area. Of course, the store I am speaking about is Comet Food Warehouse.

Somehow I feel we all played a little part in the deterioration of this business. It is easy to play the blame game but I believe this needs said if for no other reason than to remember our choices can make a difference.

Here are my thoughts on the topic.

Construction was cited as one of many reasons why Comet must close. Construction is a problem in this area and has been for several years.

I understand the roads need to be kept at a certain standard. Although, some construction projects are questionable regarding their relevance or the time frame it takes these projects to conclude.

I am the first one to admit if a construction area hinders me in any way from getting to and from a destination I am looking for an alternate route so I am not inconvenienced.

I believe this was the case with many people when construction was occurring at the front entrance of the store. Most people found an alternate store to accommodate them during that time frame and some of those same people did not find their way back once construction was no longer an issue.

Walmart was also cited as partly to blame in the death of another grocery store. I believe this is not the only store in the area that has felt the wrath of Walmart.

I understand Walmart is convenient. A one-stop shop if you must. There is usually a price to pay for said convenience. Once Walmart is the only place to shop, that is the time everyone will find out what that price truly is.

I will truly miss Comet it has supplied me with many groceries over the years. Farewell, Comet, you will be missed

The author is a CLARION NEWS staff writer.