Democrat House, kangaroo court

By Charles Mander


It seems all the Democrat media including our local paper here, which is owned by USA Today, is making a big deal about having a fair impeachment by the Senate.

Our Senate leader is in no hurry, like Nancy Pelosi is. So be it.

I say, what gall, when everyone who is clear-thinking knows, without being hate driven, like our Democrat media, that the House impeachment was a sham, and yes, a kangaroo court, with it being one-sided with no cross examinations by the Republicans.

The House allowed close-door meetings and anonymous so-called whistle blowers who are not allowed to be questioned.

It seems we can't investigate Democratic Party people who run for political office -- like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

I guess we are so stupid and unclean like the elite say we are.

Thank God for the Clarion News, OANN and Newsmax for prospective.n

Editor's note: For clarification, neither the Clarion News nor The Derrick is owned by USA Today. Both the Clarion News and The Derrick are family-owned.