The president must be removed

By Norbert A. Baschnagel


On Jan. 6, President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers told his supporters that he and they should march on the Capitol of the United States and take it over.

President Trump should resign as president as soon as possible. Vice President Mike Pence and his cabinet should invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution or Trump should be impeached as soon as possible by the Congress for his actions and lack of leadership for the good of our country.

President Trump is responsible and accountable for the following terrorist actions:

4Five people are dead because of his actions and lack of leadership. One person was shot and an officer was also killed. This behavior of any president is unacceptable and blood is on his hands.

4The capitol of the United States, a sacred chamber of our democracy, was charged and overrun by rioters' and terrorists of Donald Trump and his enablers. This has not happened to the United States since 1812.

There is no excuse for these actions that any sane person can justify. It is a miracle that our vice-president, congressional senators and representatives were not injured or killed because the people who took over the capitol had guns, pipe bombs, knives, clubs and desecrated the capital with the confederate flags and other anti-Jewish symbols and white supremacy paraphernalia.

This is unacceptable to everyone in the United States and must never happen again.

Every American should ask our leaders in government how you can make any of us feel safe in our own homes when you can't even protect the United States Capitol where you work and do the work of the people.

A breach of supreme security occurred and this must be addressed very severely by those in charge. Rioters were able to break windows, doors and barricades without much resistance, were able to roam the capitol, shout obscenities and call for specific people to attack without much resistance.

Many people should resign or be fired because of their lack of leadership and safety. Without safety, respect, decency, and discipline for everyone you have nothing but chaos.

This should never happen again because it is a severe denunciation of our lack of government control and discipline of our security and democracy.

Finally, I believe the following four people should never be able to run for public office again because of their lack of honesty, caring, leadership, trust, courage, empathy, and having the decency to do the right thing for our country when the pressure was on:

lPresident Donald Trump because he and his enablers caused an insurrection and riot to overtake the national capitol building of our United States, causing much damage, injury and also the death of five people. Blood is on his hands and he is a dangerous man.

lVice President Mike Pence because he lacks the courage to do the right thing for our country and invoke the 25th Amendment against President Donald Trump.

lSenator Ted Cruz because he was an enabler of Donald Trump and he should resign in disgrace for spreading false statements about the national presidential election process in Arizona for his own political career.

lSenator Josh Hawley because he was an enabler of Donald Trump and should resign in disgrace for spreading false statements about the national presidential election process in the state of Pennsylvania for his own political career.

Our country is in a crisis for all Americans to see and evaluate.

All four of these people have to be held accountable for their actions or inactions. All the rioters who shocked the world by rampaging and ransacking the national Capitol must be held accountable and brought to justice and tried or we will not exist as a democracy and we will be the laughingstock of the world.