Democrats, a disgrace to our democracy

By Fred Shick


A local socialist has a lot of nerve to say Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano's election audit plan is a "disgrace to democracy." Gov. Tom Wolfe also said it's a sham election audit.

Really, Democrat Wolf, you know the election was rigged. Also Judicial Watch sued you and Pennsylvania to get the voter roll cleaned up with the thousands of illegal and dead people still listed to vote.

You Democrats know there was fraud in all states. You should be ashamed of your cheating and helping to get a puppet as president and a laughing Vice-President Harris.

It is a disgrace to say she is vice-president along with puppet, China-owned Biden and his family. Also, Gov. Wolf don't you think the COVID-19 people you put in nursing homes and killed is a disgrace?

You, Andrew Cuomo and most of the far left socialists should be in prison. Every Democrat-run state is a threat to our democracy.

Here's another great disgrace, Maxine Waters. Judicial Watch has filed a House ethics complaint on her. The complaint argues she encouraged violence and attempted to intimidate the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Judicial Watch sued snake-in-the-grass Adam Schiff for issuing subpoenas for phone records as part of his impeachment processes of President Trump that was illegal, of course. The Pelosi-Schiff House and their liberal judges have gone nowhere. There are no laws that cover these crooked Democrats.

President Biden reversed President Trump's policy protecting preborn Americans from the organ harvesting and cutting up their bodies to use their skin, brains and eyeballs for science. These federal agencies traffic these aborted parts using taxpayer money. Some fresh parts sell for $15,000. Are they doing God's work?

Wow, Harris' trip to the border sure changed the crisis.

Why won't Biden talk about Cuba? Is it because the Democrat Party is backing communism? Take a good look at Cuba, under Biden our country will be like Cuba and other communist countries. Stand proud and hold your heads high you Biden backers.

These people turning their backs on our flag should be kicked out of our great nation when many men and women died for us and the flag.

I think the name of the White House should be renamed the "Nut House." Planters could make a fortune. Support law enforcement and God bless the USA.