Democrats push the illogical

By Randy L. Lemmon


I'm no fan of Sleepy Joe and his cabal of crazies who now infest our government but I think the vulgar signs and flags referring to him are unnecessary and probably counterproductive to conservatism.

A nice "can't fix stupid flag" would do, everyone will know who it's referring to.

Is quarterback Patrick Mahomes worth $21 million a season? Yes, because that's his value to the Kansas City Chiefs. He wins football games and the owners make money.

Is Dwayne Johnson worth $87 million for a movie? Yes, because the studios make money. Was Hunter Biden worth the millions he got from the Ukrainian gas company? Yes, because he provided direct access to then Vice-President Slow Joe and everybody made money.

The same is true for minimum wage workers. They are paid a wage that they are worth to an employer and that allows the employer to make a profit. It is immaterial if it's a lawn service with two employees or a fast food chain with thousands.

I realize the Democrats think companies or corporations making a profit are somehow immoral but if they don't there will be no jobs. I know of no one who got a job from a poor man.

Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be careers as most are starter jobs that people eventually move up or move on to better opportunities. What the Democrats accomplish by forcing a raise in the minimum wage is a higher cost of living for everybody, even the people they think they are helping.

In the end, the minimum wage worker will lose purchasing power as companies raise the cost of their products or will have no job at all. Raising the minimum wage also traps people into low wage positions. They are satisfied for a while and make no effort to move up and they soon find they are no better off as increased prices eat up their higher wage.

The Democrats believe companies can just absorb the cost of an arbitrarily raised minimum wage. Some probably can, many cannot and will not. Workers will gain wages then lose benefits like insurance and paid vacation or holiday pay.

Slow Joe and Gov. Wolf need to get out of their ivory towers and see what is happening in the real world. Workers are being replaced at fast food restaurants with kiosks.

Cashiers are being replaced with self-checkout at the big box stores. When was the last time a gas station attendant pumped your gas? That used to be standard practice. It was a minimum wage job, but it was a job.

Economists will tell you that increased productivity will compensate for an increased wage -- baloney. Productivity is driven by the character of a worker not by money.

I have watched it for years in my industry, crews of men making the same wage, some try to do as little as possible, most do what they have to and then there are some that do more than their share to get the job done.

Anyone who claims requiring ID to vote is voter repression is simply being dishonest. The one and only reason not to show ID is to promote cheating.

The Republicans should write a bill that has voter ID as the only item. Politicians that want fair and honest elections will vote in favor. Those politicians that vote against want to cheat -- period, end of discussion.

They claim mail-in voting is secure. I found it interesting that people who had no problem going shopping, to restaurants, to protests and even on vacations were afraid to go to the poll to vote. They had to mail in their ballot. It seemed a little odd to me.

Every dire prediction about climate change causing ocean rise usually includes at least a paragraph or two about Maldives islands soon to disappear below the waves. Over the last few years, the Ritz-Carlton Corporation has spent hundreds of millions of dollars building resorts that are on the beaches of those very islands. Didn't they get Al Gore's memo?

In closing, a sobering thought as Sleepy Joe, Chucky and Crazy Nancy talk about spending trillions and trillions of dollars each stack of a trillion one-dollar bills would be 68,000 miles high and our children and grandchildren are going to end up paying it back.