Report the whole story

By Randal Schrecengost


There have been articles in the CLARION NEWS lately regarding my "non-payment" of the septic inspection for my property. No one contacted me to get my side so I reached out and gave it to the reporter.

That wasn't reported accurately in detail. Pretty much brushed off. I find it interesting (and disturbing) that this made the front page of the paper and the "clarification" was so non-detailed.

So here is what wasn't mentioned on the "clarification:" I asked for an explanation from the sewage enforcement officer and it took him six weeks to respond to me. I spoke with him last week and he was extremely apologetic because of the delay and the issues it caused.

He's been very busy lately and his wife even commented to him that he needs to clear the stack on his desk off.

I mailed the check (and he acknowledges receipt) two days later. This was never late and the payment was received by the SEO prior to the meeting of the board of supervisors meeting.

Another inaccuracy stated in the "clarification:" They made it sound like the article caused me to pay it and I paid it on July 31 -- two days after I got the explanation from the SEO.Nearly two weeks before the meeting. I can't help it that the delays were caused outside of my control but I'll be damned if I'm going to let my name be dragged through the mud because of others incompetence.

CLARION NEWS -- report the whole story.