Are you a speeder?

By Thomas McCarey

National Motorists Association member

If you are reading this, you are a "speeder." Shame on you. You should be ticketed and fined: repeatedly.

That's what the RADAR lobby thinks.

You don't think you're a "speeder," do you? You drive a speed you feel safe, don't you? And most of the time you are right, since real speeding causes about 1.6 percent of all the accidents (NHTSA data).

The RADAR lobby sees things in terms of how much money can be made from ticketing the 98.4 percent of safe drivers (it's hundreds of millions of dollars per year).

The numbers on speed limit signs are lower than the safe speeds that you decide to drive every time you get into your car, and that makes you a "speeder."

The numbers on the speed limit signs are there to make it easy to write "speeding" tickets.

The Legislature is trying as hard as it can to give RADAR to municipal police to facilitate ticket writing.

One tactic is to proclaim "everyone is speeding" and too many people think this is true.

It is not true, and drivers need to fight back.

Tell your elected representative to vote no on Senate Bill 607, RADAR for municipal police, or there will be speed traps everywhere.