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By Sarah Bellum

Out There

Today, Nov. 7, is National Men Make Dinner Day. National Men Make Dinner Day is observed annually on first Thursday in November. This is the day for men to take charge in the kitchen and cook for their loved ones.

There is even a website by the same name to help the guys making dinner.

Some men like to cook and do so on a regular basis. To those men, kudos to you.

Some reasons from the website men should embrace the day and have fun with it:

qWhile cooking, you can still wear your tool belt, simply replace the hammer with a whisk.

qSeveral recipes include beer as a legitimate ingredient.

qThe blender, the electric mixer and the food processor are loud enough to drown out anyone in the house who is learning a musical instrument.

qWhoever is cooking always gets the most attention from the dog.

qWhatever recipe you choose, you can name it after yourself. Example: tonight's dinner is called "Doug's Surprise."

qSince you choose the recipe, it can be a turnip-free night.

qSome desserts, such as crme brulee, require the use of a propane torch. How much fun is that?!

qParticipating in "National Men Make Dinner Day" gives you optimum points with your wife. Use those points wisely!

Some rules:

Man may, if desired, turn on radio or his favorite CD. Man agrees not to be within 30 feet of TV remote during cooking process. At this point, spouse and any other family members should not be anywhere near kitchen. (unless smoke detector goes off).

Man must use the "clean as he goes along" rule. Following each completed use of utensils, cookware, half-used jars of anything, spice bottles, etc., everything is rinsed, cleaned and put away.