‘The village idiot'

By Fred Shick


If you watched Joe Biden's recent press speech you saw the guy playing the lead actor. This play should get him an Oscar.

He did a good job of lying (as all far leftists do) and blaming Donald Trump for the mess he is creating for our country (border crises for one). He is also getting countries angry at us and bailing out blue states that got in a mess because liberal governors are too stupid and crooked to run a state.

Our Gov. Wolf is on top of the list along with Gov. Cuomo as both killed folks in nursing homes because of their stupidity.

During his press meeting Biden had a paper with pictures and names of the people (liberals) he allowed to ask questions.

He also had a cheat sheet that had answers about the liberal questions. I heard he rehearsed for seven days and he still couldn't handle it. Did you notice Fox news reporters were allowed no questions at all?

This is transparency at its best. To show you the IQ of people at MSNBC, CBS, NBC and other liberal news stations, they raved over how great of a job Biden did.

It was a total disgrace to our country. Other countries are laughing at us. With this leadership, it should put fear in our bodies. Of course, we still have Vice-President, Kamala Harris. She is very pathetic.

She could be sent to other countries to laugh in their face like she did to a reporter who asked her if she was going down to check on the border crisis.

These evil loonies, Biden, Harris, Nancy Pelosi, glasses on his nose tip Charles Schumer, napping Jerrold Nadler, lying Adam Schiff and all the other Demon-crats are ruining our great country just to get power.

If you people backing these evil Demon-crats aren't worried about the Lord and Judgment Day then so be it. You should be proud what you created for the children coming up. Under socialism, it will be worse than the border crises. God help us.

Now about Hunter Biden, signing a form to get a handgun. He is a felon and is not allowed to own a gun. What he did is a criminal act under federal law and subject to prison.

The Secret Service went to the gun shop and confiscated all of the paperwork. Did they do that to cover up the crime by Hunter?

The whole Biden family is corrupt and they all got filthy rich dealing with China.

How about Eric Swalwell suing President Trump for the Jan. 6 White House riot? This creep slept with a Chinese agent.

Swalwell's job deals with classified information -- so how much did he leak to her. Pelosi saw nothing wrong with what he did.

These lying, corrupt, far-left Socialists are doing everything they blame Trump for. Now the Democrats are saying voter ID cards are racist.

When Pelosi's H.R. 1 Bill on voting becomes law, the next election will be more corrupt than the last one. If these corrupt, lying, cheating thieves keep control, our freedoms will be gone.

We have already lost Dr. Seuss and Potato Heads. When there is no more saying mom and dad, and no more Christianity, everything our men and women fought for will be gone.