On the road to ruin

By Fred Shick


These Democrats had a plan to make sure "Lying Joe Biden" would be the president. First, the virus was brought into play so the Demons could blame President Trump and make him look bad.

It seems this took place because the Biden family was in bed with China.

Why did more Republican politicians get COVID-19 than Demoncrats, including Biden? What all did U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell have to do with this? How many secrets did he leak to the Chinese spy he was sleeping with?

We know why Hiden' Biden didn't leave his basement and that is because he knew the election was rigged so he had no reason to get out and campaign.

Wicked Witch Pelosi saw nothing wrong with what Swalwell was doing. I think she is a total idiot.

The people who voted for Biden will be responsible for destroying our country and putting our kids and grandkids in a socialist-run country. The Chinese will rule the world for a short period of time.

May God have mercy on us. I feel bad for families that lost loved ones fighting to keep this country free -- where you can pray, worship, have freedom of speech and freedom to live without fear.

Now, goofy Pelosi wants to make Washington, D.C. a state. That will mean more Democratic delegates and more on the Supreme Court. What are you going to do if we can never have a presidential election?

Who is going to keep all these illegals coming across the open border? What will you do if they come to your house and they tell you to get out, that they are moving in? There won't be any law enforcement to call and we'll have no guns to protect ourselves.

What really bugs me is these anti-Americans told you what they were going to do and people voted for these demons anyway. Shame on them. Don't you care about the younger generation?

You voted for a crook, Biden, so enjoy.

We can be proud of our governor as we are now ranked with the other states that had voter fraud.

The first-place prize for the biggest jerk, complainer, and person who killed the most people by sending COVID-19 people into nursing homes goes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and second-place goes to Gov. Tom Wolf. Happy New Year.