Be not afraid

By Joseph Droddy


According to an AP news release today, April 26, 2021, Vice-President Harris is to address the UN about preparing for the next pandemic.

I guess we can all look forward to more lockdowns, masking, fear and anger, more new vaccines, more fake money being handed out to the needy.

So we are vaccinating to protect us from this virus. This is genetic engineering on a world-wide scale. There are those who will not eat GMO products from the store but have no fear of having their RNA genetically altered by a vaccination.

Most flu vaccinations are made from a weakened or killed virus which starts your body's own defenses but this is different, this is experimental, this is genetic engineering.

I don't fear it but I don't like it. If vaccines work, why do we need masks? Yet we are told to continue wearing a mask. Makes me wonder.

I keep in mind that God will take us whenever, wherever and however He wants.

Oh, of course! Those who do not believe in God will be aghast at this statement. Those who have no belief in the afterlife are the majority of the ones who fear death.

I am not ready yet to die but perhaps the virus would be less vicious than the cancer I expect will consume me in the end. I look to my family history and see how my relatives have died and it isn't an easy death. Prostate cancer is a miserable way to die.

In the past, pneumonia has been called the "old man's friend" and isn't this virus causing suffocation through pneumonia?

Not a pretty way to die, not like a hero cowboy or soldier.

What is worse, 10 years of life-sapping cancer or a few days of pneumonia? I do not fear this virus.

Fear is a great weapon used against the masses. Rhetoric, propaganda and a well-controlled media are the weapons of choice. Control the media and you control the masses.

Many in our religious communities admonish us to be not afraid! Our Jesus told us to not fear those who can kill the body but to fear the one who can kill the soul.

Physical death comes to all of us, like it or not, but it is not to be feared. Fear, rather, this world-wide craziness that is stealing our souls.

Padre Pio, of recent times, said, "Pray, have faith and don't worry."

Excellent advice in these trying times. Be not afraid!