Fine young men

By Elaine Thomas


On Feb. 16, I fell in the parking lot of my apartment building and broke my hip. I could not be seen from any street or alley. It was about 26 degrees and I was dressed only in sweat pants and a sweat shirt.

I finally decided my best bet was to yell for help as loudly as I could.

After several minutes of yelling at the top of my lungs, I saw four young boys walking up Second Avenue from the direction of the high school.

They heard me shouting and came up into the parking lot and found me on the ground. They said "What can we do, what can we do?"

I gave them the key to the building and told them which apartment to go to for help.

They ran up the stairs to my neighbor's apartment and pounded on her door to tell her that someone needed help. She came out and the first thing I told her was to get me a blanket.

When she refused to leave me, one of the boys said, "Tell us where they are, we'll get them." I told them exactly where to go in my closet to find them and they went and got blankets. They stayed with me until the ambulance came and just quietly walked away.

These young men saved me from what could have rapidly become a life threatening situation.

My sons, my sister and I would like to see them recognized by the school or the community for what they did and to their parents, congratulations for raising such fine young men.