Word of the Week 091020

The cast of Gunsmoke

The cast of Gunsmoke

Greetings Word of the Week fans and welcome to the Sept. 10 edition of Clarion County's favorite word game.

It was on this date in 1955, "Gunsmoke" premiered on CBS.

The television series ran for 20 seasons from 1955 to 1975, and lasted for 635 episodes.

At the end of its run in 1975, Los Angeles Times columnist Cecil Smith wrote: "Gunsmoke was the dramatization of the American epic legend of the west. Our own Iliad and Odyssey, created from standard elements of the dime novel and the pulp Western as romanticized by (Ned) Buntline, (Bret) Harte, and (Mark) Twain. It was ever the stuff of legend."

During its second season in 1956, the program joined the list of the top-10 television programs broadcast in the United States. It quickly moved to number one and stayed there until 1961. It remained among the top-20 programs until 1964.

So reflect on those great adventures of Matt, Doc, Chester, Festus, Miss Kitty and Newly as you ponder magniloquent.

Does magniloquent mean:

A: High-flown or bombastic language. "Gosh danggit, Doc, don't use that magniloquent language with me," said Festus. "I'm actually a college-educated dipity marshal.

B: A word associated with, well, a brothel. "I know the upstairs is a magniloquent kind of thing," matt told Kitty. "That's why I never go up there."

C: Of French origin. "Golly, Marshal Dillon, this French onion soup Festus made ain't much magniloquent it's got rattlesnake meat in it."

D: Embarrassing. "Well this is magniloquent, said the bad guy and Matt gunned him down. "I done forgot to load my pistol."

How many people did Matt Dillon put the pistols to? During the 20-year span of CBS's Gunsmoke series, the count ranges from 138 men and seven women to 303 people. If you add in the ones U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon capped in the made-for-TV movies, the total is 407.

Some of those bad guys might have only been wounded, and some might have died of their wounds later.

The correct answer to the Word of the Week challenge is "A."