Bangers and mash?

Bangers and mash?

Bangers and mash?

By Jack Paulden


To take the angst out of the situation regarding vaccines and counting votes, I contacted Britain to see how they register voters and are handling the vaccines.

The included photo shows their method. You go in and show your legitimate ID, you are then registered for voting and your vaccination.

You then space two meters apart. That means 10 people plus one in line after registration at a time, and in this case two lines, I was told, which isn't evident from the picture. Total time in and out averages 20 minutes or about 66 an hour at one location.

In an eight-hour day that's over 200 or 50,000 one location per year.

CVS, Walgreens might not meet that number per location, but it provides a reference if Igloos or tents are used.

I was also told the vaccination sites are manned by retired medical staff, including doctors. Many too are ex-military and active-duty with some paid and others volunteering.

They of course do as the Brits do, put the steering wheel on the wrong side, with Blue on the Right and Red on the left. I asked about that, they said the cocktails in the vaccine are different depending on left or right and have changed since Trump was deposed.

Royal Blue Bloods probably go right though, we can assume? Who could know?

If you think their method has merit, let's pass this on to the politicians, as my idea of having your name by your vote was poo-pooed nationwide. People don't mind sending sons and daughters to war where they face real bullets; but ask them to assume they have already taken a bullet by putting their name next to their vote to eliminate stolen votes, and they recoil like a snake who just heard Adam say, "No Eve, instead we'll eat the snake."

As a God probably said, "It's not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes."

Apparently he has fore-knowledge.Again, who could know?

Imagine if God's son was or had been on drugs, surely they would have found a cure by now instead of the profit motive from the drugs, and the treatment.

AA only has a 4 percent success rate based on one year of clean and sober, and they are motivated by a higher power.You would think if a god was involved, then we could get it up to 51 percent but not expect the devil or Satan, I guess, let you get it to two-thirds or 66.6666 or 67 votes to beat him.

It's a strange, strange world we live in and getting more strange over time.

Let's get the stupid out of politics, and enjoy a tea for two as do the Brits, bless their Socialist hearts, are worth being good neighbo(u)rs.