Danger for bicyclists

By Bonnie Mahle


I'm writing regarding to the tar and chipping done on both sides of the Toby Hill bridge and Miola Road.

It is very nice to finally have it done. However, there appears to be a few issues with the overload of chips left behind.

In certain areas it is actually mounded up. This being said, it makes it very unsafe for bicyclists and walkers that frequent this area.

I've seen bicyclists going at a fast speed downhill in order to get up the other side.

The turn off the bridge can be unsafe under normal conditions. This can cause skidding and falls to unsuspected riders.

Secondly, the lines havenow been painted. It looks very nice until you get on the Clarion side of the bridge where the stones were left in mounds along the roads edge.

They painted over these mounds.

As traffic drives over these areas the stones have scattered, taking the new paint with them.

Where were the clean-up crews to sweep up the excess? Just wondering.