Many Trump supporters are KKK or skinheads

By Christine M. Adams


Someone took my Biden/Harris sign last week. It happens all the time, all over America, from what I've heard.

Ever wonder why there are few Biden signs?It's theft.It's illegal.It's extremely common. I heard some propagandist on "Christian" radio say the left has no moral compass.

I am a proud liberal. Theft is a moral failure. I and the Democratic Party care that my neighbors and all Americans have living wages, unions, enough to eat, healthcare, good housing, decently funded and safe schools, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (all under attack by Trump's GOP) available to our seniors, veterans and disabled people, and the poor, and also childcare because current wages are so low that both parents have to work to care adequately for a child and taxpayers pay to do this because wealthy corporations don't pay the fair taxes Congress is Constitutionally mandated to levy because politicians get paid by those same corporations to protect them from taxation.

Biden won't raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000. If the wealthy don't pay, we pay or we do without.And I and the Democratic Party work to help and protect my neighbors and our country's Constitution.

It's simple, love one another(John 13:34-35).

I am a Sunday school teacher for close to 40 years and have been on church council for at least 14 years. I know right from wrong.Matthew 25:31-46, in my Bible labeled ‘The Judgment of the Nations' tells what America's priorities should be.

Trump supporters can be dangerous.Many are members of alt-right organizations like the KKK and Skinheads.Many of these organizations claim to be religious.It's scary to speak out but unrequestedhysterectomies of women of color at Trump's concentration camps, Trump's racism, and his over 20,000 documented lies matter.

Trump's cruel legal attacks on our healthcare system right now in the midst of over six million cases of COVID and about 200,000 American deaths that have expanded because of Trump's two months of denial of COVID's seriousness matter.

Yet there is no sign of any sympathy from Trump for sufferers. Trump's unmarked private military has attacked,injured, and kidnapped constitutionally protected legal protesters, yet Trump has called our American military losers and suckers.

Trump has been ignoring our Constitution from day one, starting with the Emoluments Clause, including other illegalitiesleading to Trump's impeachment,landing seven of Trump's associates in jail because of Trump's frequent, secret contact with and open acceptance of help in attacking our election from Russia's Putin and the way that Trump's been illegally abusing monetary laws.

Now we have Trump's hijacking of our Justice Department for his own personal agenda.The list goes on.

Trying to hide this record by stealing signs does not work.Facts matter.Trump's a cruel criminal failure, and America and Americans are suffering.

Yet many don't see the illegality and immortality because propaganda, hate and fear are Trump's and Greedy Old Propagandist politicians' tools to undermine our American Democracy.

Vote now, visit or call your local election board to vote by mail immediately to ensure that you are still registered and that your vote gets counted, since Trump's wealthy donor Post Master General DeJoy has removed 671 high speed mail sorters and many corner mailboxes from all over the U.S.A., as well as slowed our mail delivery service in an attempt to force you to risk your health and perhaps your life in order to vote.

Trump cares about Trump. You know that Trump votes by mail. The Greedy Old Propagandist politicians allow these attacks on American rights and say absolutely nothing.

The GOP has no new Platform this election -- it is whatever Trump wants.

Democrats have 92 pages of plans to help Americans -- Google it.

Let your moral compass be clear.It's about love. Protect our Constitution and Vote blue for your and all Americans' freedom and rights.