Breaking the law isn't loving thy neighbor

By William R. Strong

Oil City

This letter responds to Paul Kemble's recent letter to THE DERRICKclaiming an old hymn obligates Christians to take political action against President Trump's immigration policies at the Mexican border because they have resulted in "hideous, obscene, and perverted conditions" (injustice) for immigrants.

Kembleargues this social injustice to immigrants violates Christ's commandment to Love Your Neighbor.

Kemble presents the same false argument used in churches today to force members to acceptance sinful homosexuality, same sex marriage, and homosexual clergy.

Kemble'sargument is simple, effective, but false.


Trump's action at the border has nothing to do with immigration.

Immigration is entry into a foreign country with permission. Permission is granted by visa prior to entry. Immigration is entry for a limited time and purpose.

Anyone caught overstaying a visa visit is arrested and deported. The entry into America at the border is by illegal entry. They are properly designated illegal aliens not immigrants.

Alien illegal entry is both a crime and a wrongdoing. If caught, they are deported.

Illegal aliens know this beforehand and are without excuse. This principle is followed in all countries.

The new Democratic scheme to justifying illegal entry is with children. If caught, they demand asylum. Since past liberal Supreme Court decisions require a hearing before deportation, aliens are permitted to stay.

Since millions of aliens have now entered America, detention centers are over-crowed waiting for hearings. Hearings are delayed months because of the massive volume. This over-crowding in turn causes poor sanitary conditions.

To aggravate this situation, the Democrats in control of the House havedeliberatelyblocked billions in aid to eliminate these conditions.


Democrats used this "social injustice" in the liberal media to falsely blame Trump (fake news).

This Democratic strategy was initially successful until a photo was recently published showing a man and child found dead trying to enter illegally.

Pelosi and House Democrats abruptly reversed course and approved the funds ($4.5 billion).

Bottom line: Christians should never accept illegal, sinful, or criminal conduct (wrongdoing) under the false pretext that accepting wrongdoing to eliminate a "social injustice" constitutes "Loving Your Neighbor."