Say ‘no' to local radar

By James Sikorski Jr.

Pennsylvania Advocate, National Motorists Association


Please contact your state representative, state senator, and the governor, and say to vote no on HB 606. Pennsylvania does not need municipal police radar and LIDAR, moving radar for the state police, or more Philadelphia speed cameras. Does this bill comply with the Pennsylvania constitution?

Speed limits are supposed to be set to the 85th percentile traffic speed. Tickets are then supposed to be given only to egregious violators. In Pennsylvania, speed limits are almost always under-posted and many areas ticket people barely over the speed limit. The impact is that we ticket our safest drivers and create situations that may be unsafe.

Pennsylvania allows municipal police to enforce speed limits, so radar is unnecessary. Radar cannot be used in areas with more than one car, since it cannot tell cars apart. It has its own set of errors that may occur. Moving radar is even more complex, so will readings be accurate?

Radar is desired in order to raise revenue, keep people from using public roads, and by anti-car activists. These people do not understanding traffic engineering or may be inside the revenue stream.

The state actually needs to repeal many blatantly anti-driver laws that were enacted over the past few years. The legality of these could be an issue too.

What people should do is ask the state legislature to pass a law requiring 85th percentile speed limits. No radar bill ever contains this, as it would remove all the profits.