Running to peace of mind

Carla Schoeppner

Until next time

Well, here it is -- my final editorial. When I was first approached to be a writer for this school year, I was hesitant, not knowing what to write about, or what people would think about what I wrote. All I knew was that I wanted to encourage people through my writing and leave as positive of an impact as I could.

I have loved writing articles for the CLARION NEWS this past year and wish it never had to end. However, graduation has come and gone, and now we're into the summer, and then I'm off to begin my next chapter in life, which is why writing this article is bittersweet, and also very exciting.

Whenever you enter high school, people always tell you the same thing; even though you don't enjoy high school now, try to focus on the positive, because it will fly by in a blink of an eye. Whenever people would tell me this, I would reply that I knew that, but it was one of those things that went in one ear and out the other.

But it is here. Ready or not, my time here at Keystone is over.

If you have been reading my articles this past school year, then you know that in the Fall, I will be attending Geneva College. I was accepted into the Freshman Honors program, which is a very competitive program that Geneva offers where acceptance is based on academic performance, SAT scores, an essay, and an interview.

While in this program, I will have the opportunity to participate in cultural events, academic classes, form a peer group, and even live on an honors floor.

While at Geneva, I hope to be a part of many things, but for the first semester, my goal is to adjust to my new life and maintain my grades. I will be working toward a dual certificate in Early Childhood and Special Education, which I am so excited!

I have always loved children; the innocence they possess, their compassion, their kind hearts, and even the ones who are stubborn, but look at you with those eyes that melt your heart. I love children, and couldn't be happier to be entering into a career where I get to help build into their foundation every day.

I want to end this article by thanking Mr. Rodney Sherman for providing me with this opportunity for my senior year, and Mrs. Kami Coursen, who has helped give me ideas to write about, fix grammatical errors, and always encouraged me to write what was on my heart.

I wish all of you the best in life Until next time! :) Jeremiah 29:11n

The author is a 2021 graduate of Keystone High School in Knox. She is the daughter of Craig and Kate Schoeppner.